PErcolate Director of Marketing (Current)

Responsible for leading Percolate's field marketing, demand generation campaigns and marketing operations. My goal is to build a marketing powerhouse able to generate a consistent and growing flow of inbound demand for Percolate.

.SKI CO-FOUNDER & VP Marketing

Launched the first ever domain name extension for the snow sports community. Biggest 1st day sports domain extension launch, 2nd largest sports extension to-date and growing faster than domains such as .golf, .football and .tennis. Built strategic partnerships with resellers in over 100 selling to top brands, ski areas, athletes, businesses and skiers. Directed international marketing and sales for .ski instrumental in driving the growth of .SKI to over 8,000 domains in first year. 

Startingdot VP Marketing & Sales

Led sales, marketing and operations in North America and Australasia for the domain name registry StartingDot since 2014. Responsible for 30% of global revenue, managing strategic partnerships at over 60 global partners including Godaddy, Rightside and Squarespace. Developed, executed and optimized all marketing programs and communications for StartingDot. Instrumental in growing StartingDots portfolio of domains to over 30,000 with triple digit growth in 2015 and a renewal rate of over 80%. 

Conductor inc. marketing director

Led corporate and product marketing at Conductor which quickly became the leading SEO technology platform for Fortune 500 companies. Was able to translate complex solutions into a marketable product who's value was easy to understand for customers and simple to deliver by sales. Oversaw corporate marketing as Conductor's buzz grew, making sure the corporate message was on-point and delivered maximum impact across channels. Managed a six figure budget delivering great marketing and events experiences across the US to win new business and grow the Conductor brand.

Professional SKILLS

Disciplined Leadership - Developing New Business - Positioning Companies - Growing Revenue & Profit - Leading Change - Negotiating & Closing Deals - Marketing Strategy - Managing Budgets and P&L - Leading and Developing Teams - Strategic Planning & Execution - Building Shareholder Value - Raising Capital - Forming Strategic Alliances - Brand Building - Product Positioning - Sales/ROI Forecasting - Public Relations - Market Research - Product Development - Go-to-market Leadership - Team Building/Motivation

Personal Skills

A Risk Taker & Trouble Maker -  Not risk-adverse. Taking calculated risks to increase growth and not those that jeopardize the survival or the profitability of the company.

An Optimistic Nature - Total glass half full nature, with an ability to identify opportunities even within difficult situations and inspire others to keep a positive attitude.
Ability to Take Action - Able to take timely action based on the environmental factors at work but not be impulsive so that the business is able to grow.

Great at Coordination and Communication - Can effectively and with ease communicate with all team members to explore ideas and suggestions with an open mind.

Controlled Emotionally - Passionate about success but able to maintain control over emotions. Able to encourage and inspire co-workers to follow me.

Inclusive Decision Maker - Involves others in the decision-making process where possible. Strives to promote a culture in which everyone has a say in the common goal or objective. 

Ability to Trust Others - Love seeing other people grow. Always willing to delegate authority to others while overseeing various functions within the organization and taking ultimate responsibility for all corporate decisions undertaken.