Back In The Swing

Back In The Swing

Recently I was asked by three exciting, high-growth B2B companies to share my vision of marketing on a number of levels. Although I can't share all the slides because of privacy, here is a selection of some of my favorites on topics like brand building, marketing go-to-market strategies, adwords campaigns and how to build a high performance b2b marketing engine.

Short Term and Long Term Vision For Brand Growth.

How do you build a b2b brand in a space where your competitors are dominant. This was a really interesting challenge for a marketing leader and a dream come true for anyone who thrives on being the underdog. Short term, look to build traction by leveraging what you already have. From the collateral or data you have, to the team the company was built around. Translating these into demand generating ideas is a great way to start. Longer term and with organizational buy-in, brands in competitive b2b spaces should look internally and externally into ways they can become more than just a product, tool or solution. The goal is to become a trusted partner. Trusted partners will be recommend by customers to others and creating strong customer connections means less churn.

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Building a High Performance Marketing Engine In 90 days.

The first question to ask is "can it be done in 90 days". The answer is no but you can set your marketing organization on the right track. This requires a strong leader who can think both strategically and tactically, who can roll up their sleeves and get dirty in the trenches as we as someone who can achieve buy-in from the organization. These slides demonstrate (in my opinion) the four foundational pillars of a high performance team and a roadmap to implement that sets course for the right direction.

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Go-To-Market Marketing Plan

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Launching products is hard. But by splitting the go-to-market planning into specific and natural phases you can set yourself up for success. Any product (solutions) marketer should have this etched into their brains. No matter what the size of the launch, getting it done right sets you up for success.

B2B Adwords Campaign

Lets get tactical! b2B adwords campaigns are very different to your average b2c "set and forget" campaign. Just for starters you have to create with multiple stake holders and various buying stages in mind. Secondly......well its in the slides. The advice here is to follow the strategies and execute on the tactics. I've even created a handy template to help :) Enjoy.

B2B Messaging Recommendations

Modern B2B buyers are very different to those 10 years ago and even 5 years ago. Any successful marketing campaign today should take into account five important characteristics of today's B2B buyer.

B2B Content Marketing Metrics Model

Developing great content simply isn't sufficient enough to great demand. To really make content great which works for the organization it needs to be trackable and measurable. The following slides outline my methodology for tracking content and the specific metrics I track to determine success.

The new brand of Rob

The new brand of Rob