It's not all corporate, sales, and board slides.

Sometimes I get to create original content and have fun sharing my knowledge and experience. Here are six presentations done over the last five years that I've really had fun creating.


2016 - AIAS Grassroots Conference - 10 Secrets of a Great Online Portfolio.

2016 - SIA Snowshow - Where Technology Meets Marketing

2016 - Mountain Riders Alliance - .SKI Overview*

*I really love sharing .ski to groups who may not have heard of us. It always gives me a buzz to share what we've created.

2015 - AIAS Grassroots - Entrepreneur & Technology Sessions

Honored to have been asked to talk to the future architects of the world about entrepreneurship and web technology. These presentation really enabled me to share my experiences.

2013 - Conductor - Brand Refresh Proposal

We launched .ski one year ago, now what?

Innovators & Their Radical Approaches Will Create a Better Community For Us All