Innovators & Their Radical Approaches Will Create a Better Community For Us All

As the co-founder of what I call a "gateway" product I feel as though I am in a really lucky position. Everyday I see great ideas from the snow sports community use .SKI domains as their gateway to launch into the wild.

In just six month, .SKI has seen huge global adoption and use in a wide spectrum of the snow sports community. From pro athletes to recreational skiers, snow sports startups to multi-million dollar brands, small local hills to 90% of the word's largest resorts. Almost every part of the community has users of .SKI domains and every day this grows a little bit more.

For me this is really rewarding. Not because the thing I was involved in launching is being sold and bought at ever increasing rates but because we've opened a new gateway for community members to express themselves online. 

However I also realize that we're only part of the cycle for those that want to turn good ideas into successful websites or great businesses. Snow sports is no different for entrepreneurs than any other business. Early startup life is a minefield of marketing, process, anxiety, rejection, stress and often alcohol abuse (trust me).

The last thing the next great ideas needs are easily avoidable barriers, especially when it comes to something as simple as getting a catchy, short and memorable domain. With hundreds of millions of .COM domains registered, availability is scarce but demand is ever higher. For many just starting getting the domain perfect for them just isn't possible. Many great ideas struggle to succeed by not being able to generate critical early stage web traffic because of a long, convoluted and confusing domains they have had to resort to.

At .SKI we're changing this dynamic by removing the barrier to help the communities startup and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful companies or athletes grow their exposure. With millions of domains available that are affordable in a relevant domain like .SKI , everyone has the opportunity to get the perfect domain. But today we're going further.

I firmly believe that by equipping entrepreneurs and those with great ideas with access to premium, short and memorable .SKI domains we can help their ideas grow and build a strong snow sports ecosystems online. So this week I launch the .SKI Community Initiative

The .SKI Community Initiative provides support to the next generation of snow sports innovators, start-ups, athletes and anyone with a great idea to be able to succeed. 

The program provides:

  • Access to short, catchy & relevant .SKI domains that will make great ideas memorable, giving people a competitive edge when everyone else is fighting for customer attention.
  • Free promotion via our extensive marketing resources, global network and community access to help spread the word about what you are building on your .SKI!
  • The ability to take advantage of special offers only available to .SKI community initiative members as well as free advice from industry experts on how to grow your website.

We hope it will not only provide a much-needed platform for people to grow online but ultimately benefit our community.

We believe snow sports innovators and their radical approaches will create a better community for us all so we hope that the .SKI Community Initiative will improve the odds that more great ideas, athletes and startups not only survive but thrive to positively impact snow sports globally.

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Here are some .SKI Community Initiative Members we've been proud to help.

It's not all corporate, sales, and board slides.

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