Ski Apps Using .SKI Domains? No Brainer.

First impressions are sometimes all we have in the App download war. Does your apps name convey how amazing your product is? Is it easy to pronounce? Is it even accurate to what your app does? Does it look the same on all your channels like Twitter, Facebook and the website domain? All those questions, and many more, are considered in those split-second moments when someone's browsing the App Store or some other marketplace.

The number one reason why naming your app is important has nothing to do with your app. It has to do with everyone else's. With such a proliferation of skiing apps, it's easy for yours to get lost in the mix. So why not push those compulsive buyers over the edge to dive in to buying your app by giving it a stellar name?

I recently found two ski apps doing the naming thing right, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Edge a ski performance tracker to that enables you to check your current performance stats in a simple dashboard and review your previous sessions in a clear overview. Features include vertical change, distance, speed, airtime and the ability to share your stats and see how you compared with your friends. Edge contains stunning skiing analytics, challenges, mapping and resort information for hundreds of resorts worldwide. The app is great and I was really impressed with the clean design and easy to understand metrics.

Fluri is a similar app with many of the same features as Edge with the added ability to see where you are at all times on the actual resort trail map, not a GPS or satellite view.

From a marketers point of view, what made these apps stand out was a branding experience that is pretty seamless and straight forward. Here's why.

  • The app name is a single word that resonates with skiers. It wasn't a huge leap to get from the name to what the app does.
  • Seamless transition in branding from App Store page to their webpage. I knew instantly that what I was looking at on the app page was by the same developers as the website. This brings me onto the issue of website. App developers should not consider the app store page they have as a replacement for a real website. Both of these apps do a great job of presenting their features in a clear way they can control on their own site.
  • Best thing (because i'm biased) is that they use super simple one word domains and relevant extensions. WWW.EDGE.SKI is super clean and simple. WWW.FLURI.SKI is the same. Imagine the cost of trying to get both of these in .COM. 

Other great examples of Apps linking the branding and naming aspects of their brand you could check out are Beacon on WWW.BEACON.SKI and 4riders on WWW.4RIDERS.SKI.

So if you're launching a ski app spend some time thinking about your branding and if your first impression is strong enough to make you stand out.

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