50th International Ski Federation Congress

I recently attended the 50th International Ski Federation congress in Cancun Mexico. This annual gathering brings together all the National Ski Associations (NSAs) and FIS staff for a week of committees, meeting and networking to discuss topics that will determine the future of professional ski sports. I had the privilege of being invited by the advertising committee to give an update on the progress and growth of .SKI to its members.

As an optimist I regularly think that 100% of people involved in snow sports are aware of .SKI because of of the blood, sweat and tears we’ve poured into marketing and outreach. But my realist self knows that’s not true, you can’t reach everyone so, I go into every opportunity to talk about .SKi knowing I might have to explain the whole idea. After what seems like a million times i’ve got my .SKI patter down to perfection so I was ready to go.

However at the 50th International Ski Federation congress advertising committee meeting I was pleasantly taken aback. Not only did all the attendees seem knowledgeable about .SKI but they were engaged in the discussion. Most of the participants knew of .SKI and had examples to use of websites that they have seen during discussions after the presentation. This is a great testament to the partnership we’ve built with the Ski Federation over three years and the current reach of .SKI domains on the internet.

The committee heard how .SKI is the second largest sports top level domain name and the fastest organically growing sports top level domain (TLD). Compared to the participation of some of the other TLDs, .SKI shows that the snow sports community is very internet savvy.

To demonstrate the power of .SKI I highlighted some FIS athletes from different NSAs that were early .SKI domain name adopters in various sports including Freestyle, Alpine and Ski Jumping.

After the five minute presentation a number NSAs approached me to discuss how they can start building programs for their athletes, clubs and members. With our increased efforts to bring .SKI to Southern hemisphere and asian in 2016/17, national ski associations from countries such as Chile and Japan were excited about the potential of .SKI in their communities.

It’s clear that the sports governing body and national ski area associations are going through somewhat of a digital revolution. The desire to increase participation through exposure in channels where the future of the sport is consuming content is a huge discussion at FIS. Digital marketing, apps, live streaming and .SKI were all on the agenda with many new initiative launching soon.

Together, at the 50th International Ski Federation Congress the members are committed to bringing new people to the sport by increasing the exposure of each discipline and athlete. Its very encouraging to see that .SKI is becoming a core part of this strategy. 

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